The Holocaust, Israel, and America

Pictured below: A Jewish Settler mom shows her son how to have fun at the local market in Hebron.  Israeli Settlers are very good at stopping independent media outlets from filming them and what they do.

   What is Israel’s relationship to the Holocaust?

  Present-day Israel has few connections with the Holocaust, its Jewish heritage notwithstanding. Very few Holocaust survivors are still living. After the war, many survivors migrated into the West instead of going to Israel. For its part, Israel has always been selective in its commemoration of the tragedy—often using it to score political points against the Palestinians, who live on land which it wants to acquire. Israel’s present leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, once even made the just-plain-crazy statement that a Palestinian inspired the Holocaust! Lots of Israeli politicans and advocates opportunistically exploit the tragedy for their own ends, thereby debasing its memory. Collectively, Israelis are cruel to Palestinians (see the photos) as they ever-so-slowly drive them from their homes and take their land.

  Should Americans support Israel or the Palestinians?

  Of course this is an individual decision, presumably based on values, which are subjective. What are your values? What do you aspire to in life?

  Do you want to live a long and comfortable life in the United States? While Americans do not directly benefit from the slow Israeli appropriation of Palestinian land, Israel provides important services for the American way of life. The role of Israel in working with mercenary armies in the Third World is an important element in keeping America wealthy. In myriad counterinsurgency operations over the past few decades, Israelis and their resources played an important role. In Colombia, for example, paramilitary leaders like the Castaño brothers trained in Israel, and hundreds of Israeli mercenaries worked alongside paras units, teaching them combat tactics and heavy interrogation techniques, including the ‘Palestinian hanging’ method (it’s not that people don’t readily know how to hurt other people—much of the real contribution is just having the huzpah to really do it. Israelis like Yair Klein and his buddies just showed hundreds of Colombian soldiers how to take this plunge against various moralistic inhibitions). Victory against insurgencies in the Third World, especially in Latin America, facilitate continued wealth extraction that allows Americans to enjoy a vastly better quality of life than most people on the planet. President Obama’s fall 2016 pledge of $38 billion in military aid to Israel—the largest ever in U.S. history—thus has tangible benefits for Americans. The U.S. military works closely with the Israelis in many ways. For example, the U.S. paid for an urban warfare training center at Tze'elim in the Negev Desert, and U.S. troops (and those of many U.S. allies) frequently use it and train there.

  It is always logical (for self-preservation and enhancement) to support the strong instead of the weak. This case is arguably not an exception—Israel can do things for us and give us things, while the Palestinians have almost nothing to offer us. Having said that, this particular case is also not completely a ‘slam dunk’. U.S. opposition to a free Palestine has antagonized much of the world, and has helped aggravate tensions in the volatile Middle East. And in truth mercenaries are a dime-a-dozen, while Israel does not provide the United States with either cheap labor or raw materials. If your values are decisively oriented to living a long and comfortable life in the United States--narrowly--supporting Israel at the expense of the Palestinians makes sense. Perhaps this too is the author's goal;  perhaps not. This short essay is not an expression of opinion, but of logic. It is logical for Americans seeking longevity and comfort to support Israel instead of Palestine. 




Pictured above: Israel has repeatedly used U.S.-supplied White Phosphorous on Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip—which is a good testing laboratory for military hardware.